Adam & Eve’s Toy Party

 AdamEveLogoI am beyond honored and grateful to be working with Adam and Eve again on some of their products. So by now you should know the drill, if you are not over the age of 18 please back out of this review now. However be sure to come back when you’re of age and check out all the amazing things Adam and Eve has to offer its customers. This review is 100% my own honest opinion and I was sent these products for free for review. 

I want to first give a huge thanks to Emily, the woman who I’ve been in contact with in regards to all these amazing opportunities that have risen for you guys. She sent me a hand written card thanking me for the awesome review I did for them on the Scarlet Couture line! It really means a lot to me to form this partnerships with the companies that I represent. I had mentioned to her that I’d love the opportunity to continue this partnership and review some more items for you guys since everyone was thrilled with the first review. So this one is for you guys, YOU as in my readers, followers, fans!


Oh my goodness right? First of all, I didn’t even know I was being sent anything to review again so quickly. I was floored when I opened the box and found all of these inside, along with some other things that I’ll get into in a bit. I will get into each one for you and give you my review.

The first one I want to talk to you guys about is the  Adam and Eve Silicone G-Luxe. Right off the bat I was in love. I’ve mentioned before that I am super picky about what my toys are made out of. I really like the silicone coating to my toys. It feels better, and it gives the toy a better chance at being flexible. I’ve also noticed that when lube is applied it feels better.

11014697_10152768145872807_1484222298_n 11016388_10152768145912807_344355484_n

This particular toys is 9″ long with 7″ of insert-able length. I’d say that is a pretty average length to play around with. The toy is curved and designed to hit that hard to reach g-spot. I can fully admit that it does indeed hit just the right spot, and almost instantly too. What’s also great about this toy is the 7 vibrating function it has. I need a lot of powerful vibration in order to climax while using a toy, and from what I’ve read its pretty common. Which is why I am pleased to say that even on the medium setting this toy is pretty powerful. I am totally and completely in love with this toy!

This toy retails for $49.95 and is available in two different colors. The purple that is shown above as well as a pink. It requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included. Sometimes I get upset that batteries don’t come included with things but honestly I didn’t even think twice about buying the batteries for this toy. I was too excited to care, I just wanted to test it out.

The second toy I want to yet again rave about is the Adam and Eve Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit. This one was also silicone on the outside of the toy.

10994632_10152768145767807_1891800635_n 10937585_10152768145757807_192830392_n 11005630_10152768145847807_651236753_n

I have another rabbit that I bought years ago, and I have to say that this one has way more bend and flexibility to it. When in use I feel like this one moves with my body better than the other one. I noticed this one has the same 7 vibrating features as the one above. Which you can probably guess was amazing. This one is great for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation. On the butt end of the toy you can see where the batteries go. The only think I noticed with this one, is that it shuts off easy if you’re not careful on how you hold it. The button location makes it hard to really grip the bottom of the toy. Its manageable, just have to be aware of how forceful you’re being with it. Below you’ll see some pictures of just how easy it is you to bend and shape to your body.

11020326_10152768145787807_53910326_n 11015922_10152768145822807_165387710_n

The G-Gasm Rabbit retails for $49.95 also but is only available in the color pink. Not really sure if color is a huge deal breaker for me when it comes to purchasing my toys, but it maybe to some.  The toy 8″ long, 8″ insert-able, and 1.25″ wide. Both of the toys are waterproof and should only be used with water based lubricants. I would also recommend purchasing a Sugar Sak for your toys if you have multiples and you store them in the same area. You don’t ever want your toys touching. They tend to “eat one another”, and breaking down the silicone.

I’ll be honest I didn’t test out the anal beads as it’s not something I am into, or into exploring. So 1 lucky winner will win themselves some anal beads and some anal lube. I did however try out the Tear Drop Duo Balls!

10984798_10152768145977807_675501076_n 10997268_10152768145997807_1520654153_n

Now I know I had a few people ask me what Duo balls are. They are basically the same as kegel balls, which are used for strengthening your vaginal muscles. They recommend you to them both before and after child-birth. It also aids in amazing orgasms, and stimulation. You slide them inside you and can do one of a few things.

You can go on about your day with them inside your vagina if you’re feeling risky. It will give you an all day pleasurable experience.  You can also use the retrieval cord to push and pull them for self play and stimulation in the bedroom. The shape and design of these ones are a little different then your typical round duo balls. These have a more natural shape to them, easier for insertion and rolling weights inside create natural vibration with every movement. These aren’t something I’d use all the time, but I could see myself trying it out every once in a while.

These retail at $29.95 and come in pink/white or black/white, again if color matters to you those are your options. These are made with silicone and ABS plastic and are waterproof. They have a measurement of 2″ x 1 1/2″ balls are attached to 3 1/2″ silicone retrieval cord.

10726475_10152768152627807_451816772_n 11005725_10152768152657807_1665640102_n

I was also sent a variety of Adam and Eve Lube! I haven’t tried these yet but when I do I’ll update! I have a lot of lube from a previous review left to use and open. I will say though that Adam and Eve is by far one of the most amazing companies when it comes to all your adult related items. I will continue to review for them for as long as you want to read about that they have to offer, and for as long as they’ll have me.

Check out Adam and Eve at the above links, or on their Facebook Page, and Twitter.

Please let me know in the comments below if you love the products that I am getting, or if you’d like to see something else reviewed that I haven’t gotten to yet. I’d love to hear it, I am here to write for you!


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