Bauli Mini Croissants

logo_prod When I was offered the opportunity to review Bauli’s Mini Croissants I jumped right on board with that opportunity. I will most certainly never turn down a treat, even if I am trying to watch what I eat. I was also really curious as to how they compared to my husbands favorite cream filled doughnut.

p1_i_541fda497e1eeThese comes in what appears to be three flavors. I was only sent the chocolate and vanilla ones to try but on their website it looks like they also offer cherry filled ones as well. The cherry only comes in the full size croissants vs the mini croissants that I got to review. The bags I received were 2.64 oz and had 6 filled moist mini croissants in the bag.

The serving size is considered to be 1 package. The 6 mini croissants have a total of 310 calories for the vanilla and a total of 120 fat calories. I don’t know if I’d eat the entire bag at once, though you totally could. They are roughly 50 calories a pop, and a perfect way to moderate snacking for yourself and family. These also retail for $1.29 a package which I think it fair, I’d just like to see more cream in the middle next time. You can find them at Fairway, Cost Plus/World Market and Burlington Coat Factory.

Below you’ll find me eating the vanilla croissants.

11004256_10152767599492807_1494126429_n 11022830_10152767599517807_1391799224_n

You’ll also noticed that they sadly weren’t “filled” like the bag stated they were. I know that them being mini croissants you must have a smaller amount of filling. However it was almost as if the filling was non-existent. I found this to hold true to almost all of them, more so in the vanilla then the chocolate though. They were however moist, so that part was a plus. I was worried they’d be all dried out and horrible to eat but besides the lack of cream inside they were tasty. They weren’t overly sweet, just perfect for an after dinner snack, or something to have with coffee or tea.


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**Disclaimer** I was provided these products for free for review. There was no compensation to me other than the products provided to me by the company. All of these thoughts, comments, and opinions are 100% my own, and completely honest. These opinions are not a reflection of the companies.


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