National Lighthouse Day!

August 7th- National Lighthouse Day

I wanted to start filling my blog with a bit of other content! It might be experimental, it might be something that I continue with. I have to test things to see what works, and what doesn’t. I want to start writing about some of our “National Day’s” and “International Days”. For example today is technically the 10th of August, and today is National S’mores Day so I will be doing some things with the kids that revolve around S’mores and will be posting the content later this week! Continue reading

ACURITE Gift Guide


You might be saying to yourself “It’s August already?”, well if that’s the case you’re certainly not alone. Many of us are asking ourselves the same question and wondering what we’re going to do when the summer fades into fall and winter is upon us! Winter can only mean one thing for us… the holidays are coming, again! I feel like we just settled down from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Our bank accounts are still suffering, and here we sit realizing its coming upon us yet again, sooner than we’d like.

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Cool Gear International for Kids

Cool_Gear_logo You maybe familiar with the brand Cool Gear International, they specialize in making products to keep your food, and beverages cold. My children naturally followed in my footsteps and developed an addiction to water bottles, cups, tumblers. As a family we own way to many to actually admit to, but they are all “needed”. The need factor all depends on who you ask, and we don’t ask my husband lol. Though we have a lot of water bottles I couldn’t resist reviewing some of their cute and convenient products for the kids. Continue reading

Build-A-Base from BeachBUB- Make any Patio Umbrella a Beach Umbrella


My summer has been way more busy than I ever imagined it would be. August has now arrived and I can’t begin to tell you the amount of things going on this month. I have birthday’s up the wazoo that includes my daughters and mine. I also have my anniversary to celebrate in there as well. If that wasn’t enough we have the oh so fun school shopping as well as other family and friend planned activities before school starts… EARLY I might add. Why they are starting school BEFORE Labor Day is beyond me, and besides the point. Anyways the point IS, is that I’ve been super busy, and for the sake of this review I had to take some short cuts! While short cuts were made, I promise you you’ll still get the very best, and as always HONEST review from me. Continue reading

Armed With Truth- Temporary Tattoos


Before I start in with this review I want to put a bit of a disclaimer on this post as to not offend anyone. This review, and post will have discussions, thoughts and opinions that relate to religion. In no¬†way am I teaching, or preaching any specific religion in this post. If any talk about religion offends you or isn’t for you kindly leave this post/review and return again soon for another review on ThingsinReview!

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