Adam & Eve Meets 50 Shades

***I am putting my disclaimer at the beginning of this post as this is not one of my typical reviews. This review is that of an Adult nature, so if you are not 18+ years of age I kindly ask you back out of this page. With that being said The products I will be reviewing in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I will also add that the frequency of these types of posts will be determined by the amount of support it gets by my following. While I have no issue discussing adult subject matter I want what’s best for my demographic.***


I am not even going to try to hide my excitement I have for this review, and everything that goes with it. That includes the products, and the over all experience. A little background on me, I never though I would be one to like sex toys, or have a collection for that matter. Truth is, I went to an adult toy party about two years ago, and I’ve been hooked since. So much so that I even tried the consultant aspect of it all, but realized that wasn’t for me. Id much rather buy the toys then sell them, I didn’t have time then to keep up with the business aspect of things.


Anyways- I know the majority of you women out there are eagerly waiting for the premier of 50 Shades of Grey- well Adam and Eve allowed me to have my own 50 Shades experience within my own bedroom! I was sent just about every product from their Scarlet Couture Bondage line. If you’re unsure if you like the whole bondage experience stick around, I may shed some new light on it. I will highlight my most favorite piece within the collection and why I feel like it could be an excellent addition to your ever-growing collection. It could even be a great place to start in making an adult toy collection.

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The first item I am going to get into is A&E’s Scarlet Bound To Surrender Cuffs. They retail for 29.95 and I truly believe they are worth every cent. I’ve always wanted to try handcuffs out in the bedroom, but the idea of having metal pinched around my wrists made the idea less than desirable if you know what I mean. The cuffs are easily adjustable to any size wrist unlike your typical cuffs that may limit larger wrist-ed wearers to really enjoy the experience. They were super soft, and easy to get on and off yourself, I like that you can wear them together, or if you already had a restraint system you could attack your cuffs to that. I love the submissive feel of not having to be the one in control, the handcuffs are a great addition to my collection. I will say that with the Velcro closing I’d be worried that eventually you couldn’t fasten them because it would wear down, but for right now its perfect. Hands down I recommend these to anyone looking to purchase a pair of cuffs.


The next item is A&E’s Scarlet Spank Me Paddle, and with full disclosure this is my FAVORITE part of the collection. My husband got nervous when I pulled it out of the box, but I reassured him that it was for me, not him. This paddle retails for $29.95, again it appears to be a well made paddle. It’s not flimsy, I’m not afraid it’s going to break in half with one paddle. This paddle is textured on one side, and smooth on the other. It also comes with a 90″ rope wrapped handle to use for wrapping of the feet and hands. I did not try that feature only because I felt it gave the handle more grip (even though I promise I didn’t spank myself). I think my husband was a little scared to actually use it, but once he realized I wasn’t’ going to hit him with it, he relaxed a little. Did I mention this was my favorite!

378038-381370-350x350Though not the last items I received, but the last one I will review for you is the A&E’s Scarlet Obey Me Blindfold! This product can be used for multiple purposes i suppose. I wore it, and it really heightened my other senses a bit. It was certainly an experience, and I sort of feel like I was able to let loose more without my sense of sight. It was almost a nice change to not know what was coming next. My husband didn’t get the point of it, but I made him try it on. He later realized that it gives a sense of thrill and now thinks it’s a must have in the bedroom. He also said it would be good for napping… but I don’t get those much anymore. This retails for $9.95 and I’d say that is a fairly reasonable price. After all I’d say you’re buying the experience vs just the item itself.


If you’re on the fence about adding toys into the bedroom for either you, or both you and your partner. Definitely check out Adam & Eve for all of your curiosity. You can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

**EDIT for Addition to GIVEAWAY** Adam and Eve will be offering 5 lucky winners the chance to win a set of handcuffs that I have reviewed as well as a set of Duo Balls. Not sure what they are, head over to their website, and check them out! Enter to win below!

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this review, and If you’d like to see future reviews of adult content and nature. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Find me on Facebook as well!


3 thoughts on “Adam & Eve Meets 50 Shades

  1. I love the 50 Shades of Grey Series and can’t wait for the movie to come out however, I’ll most likely be waiting to watch it at home. I’d love to try the Adam & Eve handcuffs. To be honest, I don’t really have an adult toy collection and this would be a great place to start. Thanks for sharing your views on these products and even your Husband’s honest reactions, as I’m sure they’re a lot like what my Husband would be saying! Many thanks!


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