Featured on Shark Tank- Bottle Bright


Bottle Bright

If you’ve followed me from the beginning you’d know that I have two children. One of which will be two years old next month. So we are still in the sippy cup stage with one, and the other, my oldest is obsessed with water bottles for summer time! What does that mean for me exactly? It means stained, smelly and hard to clean portable drink ware! Well, that is no more of a problem now that I have the featured Shark Take product Bottle Bright on my side! Continue reading


KingOfPOP.com– Gourmet Popcorn


The weather is warmer, kids are almost out of school and that can only mean a few things! Summer time for us means family and friend’s get together, have parties and cookouts. It also means the kids are home from school and that leads to all day snacking! My son would snack all day if I let him, and for the most part he chooses healthy snack options. One of our favorite snacks in the house is popcorn! I am a big fan of flavored popcorn, while my husband is a “Plain Jane” and only likes buttered popcorn (lots, and lots of butter). Continue reading

Black Diamond TearDrop Earrings

logo-shortI am happy to have internet back so I can finally update all of you on some of the awesome products I’ve been able to try out. I had the opportunity to review a beautiful piece of jewelry sold by ViVi. They have a wide collection and variety of jewelry to choose from. I am super picky about my jewelry for several reasons. The first reason is I don’t wear it a ton, so when I do I want it to really pop, and help make or complete an outfit. The second, and probably one of the post important reasons is the fact I often times notice that the jewelry turns my skin green/brown. Continue reading

Out of the Box Games– Snake Oil- Party Potion + GIVEAWAY


Being a mother of a an almost 6 year old, you can imagine how important it is to have fun games at home to play. I grew up loving games, and still do. My husband and I host game nights all the time, and I am sure our son will follow right along in our footsteps. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like they come out with new board games, or card games before we get bored with the ones we have. So looking outside the box (see what I did there :-p) was what we needed to do when searching for new games for our family game nights.
Continue reading

The Excitement of Mail Delivery.

I contact a lot of businesses daily for an opportunity to review their products so I can share with you the awesomeness of each company. However sometimes I forget who I’ve contacted and confirmed business with even though I have it written down. Life around the holidays has me frazzled. Anyways today I got a package from the FedEx man and was really excited to see whom it was from! Check out all this greatness I get to review!


It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! My son decided he would use his white tshirts as a napkin at dinner! What mom enjoys seeing sloppy Joe sauce smeared all over the chest and shoulder of their child’s clothes?! Right, NONE! So I sprayed the shirt with Dreft stain remover and once it’s washed I will update! 


If Dreft helps this mess I will be over the moon! Give me about 24 hours to update as we have a ton of laundry to do lol.