KidzBOP 29


Growing up I listened to all the popular music that hit the radio, even if it wasn’t always appropriate. My mother would scoff at the idea of radio stations playing music that didn’t always sensor the “bad words” from their lyrics. Which is why when Kidz Bop came to stores that offered the same sound and song but with an edited version for children to listen to. Continue reading


Ozeri Duckymeter

Since reviewing I have crossed path with some pretty amazin companies, and products. Ozeri is certainly on that list of amazing companies with fabulous products. I previously reviewed the Ozeri nonstick pan, that I use pretty often. It has really contributed to some pretty perfect grilled cheese might I add. Anyways I come to you with a bathroom accessory this time rather than a kitchen gadget. Continue reading


LogoRGBBeing a parent is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. My children are my pride and joy and essential my entire world. I try my best to keep them as safe as possible in all areas of their life. Bathroom use is certainly no exception in our household. I maybe a paranoid mom, but I also know that accidents can happen at any second and I try my best to prevent those. With the help of DreamBaby® and some of their awesome products I can rest assure that my children both have the safety and the Independence they deserve. Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2015


I wanted to take a moment and wish a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who happen to be a mom! Also a Happy Mother’s Day too all the Fathers taking on the role of being a Mom and Dad. Often times when we’re asked what we’d like for Mother’s Day we all have that ideal day planned out in our head. I know that a lot of us mothers out there would love to sleep in and wake up to breakfast in bed. Some would prefer to be pampered all day at a spa with their mothers, or girlfriends. You might have your own traditions set in place that you’ve developed over the years. You might plant a spring garden with your mom, or grandma. Whatever it is you choose to do today I hope you take the time to hold your babies close and thank them for giving you the best gift of all. Having the honor of being called mom is something I wouldn’t trade for the world! While talking with my own mother today she reminded me that the Mother’s Day while my kids are young are truly the best ones. The ones where they still only see the best in you, the ones where your mistakes and failures are still easily cured and fixed with hugs and kisses. I much rather have something home made that my 6 year old son makes me than something store bought that every mother in America could receive.

So in closing, I hope you all had the Mother’s Day you wanted and can look back and cherish for years to come! I would love to know what you did on your special day, though everyday as a Mother is truly special! Please let me know what you got, or did today, I’d love to hear all about it.

xox Christina

Flower Power Saha Tote/Diaper Bag by Okiedog

flower-power-saha-tote-diaper-bag-yellowToday’s review is on the Okiedog Flower Power Saha Tote/Diaper Bag. I previously reviewed the Okiedog’s WildPacks (little kid backpacks) and you can find that full review here. You should know that after these two products I have absolutely fallen in love with this company and their products. Makes me wish I had known about them sooner. The quality of this bag is outstanding, and the design is gorgeous. Continue reading