KidzBOP 29


Growing up I listened to all the popular music that hit the radio, even if it wasn’t always appropriate. My mother would scoff at the idea of radio stations playing music that didn’t always sensor the “bad words” from their lyrics. Which is why when Kidz Bop came to stores that offered the same sound and song but with an edited version for children to listen to. Continue reading


Alastair Moock & Friends

Lets talk music for a moment- what kind of music to you like? Do you like music you can dance to, perhaps music that has a catchy tune or how about music that has a powerful message within the lyrics? I will be the first to admit that I like all kinds of music, even the explicit songs that aren’t always appropriate for my children’s ears. However with that being said, I do like to culture my children in the different genres of music, and how music can be used to carry a message to all of its listeners. Continue reading

Red Yarn Releases Second Album- Deep Wood Revival



Sugar Mountain PR has asked me to review on Red Yarn’s community-building sing along album called Deep Wood Revival. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a CD with this type of music style (rousing folk, rock and gospel elements). However after listening to the songs and following along with the lyrics it was easy to fall in love with these songs.


My children sure loved the tunes of several different songs. My oldest (6) was a little more aware of the words in the song and liked being able to understand and follow along in the book with the lyrics. There were lots of rhyming words that make signing along easy, and catchy. I like that each song show-cased a different animal and situation within the woods.


You can see above on the CD sleeve that each song takes place at certain location within this “journey” through the woods. As they get deeper into the woods the music on the CD gets more serious, and dark. I would say that the portion A of the CD is for everyone, but the second portion (B) is for a older audience.

Deep Woods Revival is set to release on June 23rd and will be available from Red Yarn Productions. To help celebrate and promote the release of the album Deep Wood Revival they performer and teaching artist will host two ful band concerts at The Old Church in Portland on Father’s Day. It’s hoped to spread from Oregon, NYC, Philadelphia and Texas this summer!

In the mean time you can check out Red Yarn on Facebook!

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Wireless Ear Buds by SoundPEATS


My husband and I have stumbled upon a new wireless headphone brand that we absolutely adore! SoundPEATS is fairly new to the market, and isn’t considered a name brand, or at least a brand anyone has heard a ton about. Which is why exactly why we just had to try out their product. I am so glad we did because these are some of the best wireless headphones we’ve owned and we’ve owned a few pair that we haven’t been a fan of.  Continue reading

Dancin’ in the Kitchen by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer


I got the opportunity to review a musical CD that is set to release March 10th 2015 to most major music retailers. Dancin’ in the Kitchen is the latest work from GRAMMY award-winning musical duo Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer.

photo.php 11015382_10152757269777807_1631652376_n

This CD is great for several reasons! The first reason that stood out to me the most was that the songs represent everyday real life experiences that families go through. Some of the experiences that are talked about are same sex marriages who families, being adopted and what the great make up of a family should be. My son, and niece both sat and listened to the CD and make some comments regarding it.


This could be a great teaching tools for parents or teachers. It really speaks to me, and my children about the diversities that make up a family. It also says that being different is okay, and totally acceptable. When they said this CD is for all families, it really is. There is something for everyone on this CD.

“To celebrate the release, Cathy & Marcy will appear at the NewSound Music booth at New York’s Javits Center as part of Toy Fair 2015. A national spring and summer “Dancin’ in the Kitchen” tour will kick off with a pre-release concert on Saturday, February 28th event at the Equality Center of the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program and Cathy & Marcy are partnering with each other to use music toward the common goal of welcoming all families.”

Be on a look out for the release of their CD and in the mean time follow them on Facebook and Twitter! You can also enter the giveaway below for your chance to win your own free copy of this CD!

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Building Up My Network

Today I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to build my network of people and companies I’d like to work with. I contacted several companies that I am personally a fan of, as well as some I think other people should be made aware of.  I am new to the whole products review scene, but I’d like to do this blog and myself justice while I am at it.

What do YOU want to see reviewed? Do you know of any new companies, or products that are coming out and need some light shed on them? Let me know I’d love to work with you, or contact them and see what I can do about trying out their products and writing a killer review on. Until I hear back from the people I’ve contacted thus far I will be reviewing things I have at my home already.

Any advice one can give me on review blogging would be fantastic. Thank You!