Armed With Truth- Temporary Tattoos


Before I start in with this review I want to put a bit of a disclaimer on this post as to not offend anyone. This review, and post will have discussions, thoughts and opinions that relate to religion. In no¬†way am I teaching, or preaching any specific religion in this post. If any talk about religion offends you or isn’t for you kindly leave this post/review and return again soon for another review on ThingsinReview!

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My First Meditation Experience!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have anxiety and sometimes it gets to the point where I can literally convince myself that I am dying. I haven’t figured out what my main triggers are, but I can only assume that stress makes it worse. I wanted to learn away to calm myself, and learn a coping skill for my anxiety attacks and calm them before they get to the point of fearing for my life. I was welcomed into the world of meditation by my sister today when we attended my first ever group meditation session.

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