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You might be saying to yourself “It’s August already?”, well if that’s the case you’re certainly not alone. Many of us are asking ourselves the same question and wondering what we’re going to do when the summer fades into fall and winter is upon us! Winter can only mean one thing for us… the holidays are coming, again! I feel like we just settled down from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Our bank accounts are still suffering, and here we sit realizing its coming upon us yet again, sooner than we’d like.

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Glass Dharma- The Original Glass Straw You


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Have you ever noticed that whenever you order a drink at a dining establishment it comes with a plastic straw without question? Straws are 1 of 10 major items that are being poured into our landfills each year. When highway clean ups are conducted you can be sure that plastic straws rate high among the items found at each clean up. What if restaurants enforced a rule regarding straw use. If you’d like one you need to ask for one. I know my family and I could make do without a plastic straw to drink our beverage with. We know we can’t save the worlds environment issues over night but the company Glass Dharma might be well on their way to helping this growing economic problem.
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Night Owl Paper Goods


Every since I was a child I’ve had this weird (or so I think) obsession with notebooks, paper any type of stationary for that matter. I remember my mom bringing home the recycled paper from her works recycling bin for me to draw on, and play pretend with. I am what I consider a very organized person and I really like to make lists and have written plans for all areas of my life! I feel it helps my family and I stay on track, organized and in the know of what is going on for our week! With blogging I find myself making more lists for myself of blog content, ideas, or other media related things. I decided to roll the two into one, I contacted Night Owl Paper Goods to help keep my family and I organized but allow me the opportunity to share with you a great homegrown business! Continue reading

Featured on Shark Tank- Bottle Bright


Bottle Bright

If you’ve followed me from the beginning you’d know that I have two children. One of which will be two years old next month. So we are still in the sippy cup stage with one, and the other, my oldest is obsessed with water bottles for summer time! What does that mean for me exactly? It means stained, smelly and hard to clean portable drink ware! Well, that is no more of a problem now that I have the featured Shark Take product Bottle Bright on my side! Continue reading

The Complete Cookie by Lenny & Larry

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I hold a special place in my heart.. and my stomach for a company that makes sweet treats that aren’t only exceptionally delicious but that are healthy as well. At Lenny & Larry’s they pride themselves on using the best, all natural ingredients when it comes to making their cookies and brownies! I tasted 3 of the 7 flavors so far offered for The Complete Cookie, and I can tell you they are hands down some of the best cookies I’ve eaten! Continue reading

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads


I’ve recently realized that I may have a bit of a carb problem. even though there are times that I just don’t care! Today happened to be one of those days where I just didn’t care, because if you tried the Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads you wouldn’t either. I never really thought that carbs were that big of a “thing” for me until I tried restricting them and making substitutions for high carb foods!  Continue reading