National Lighthouse Day!

August 7th- National Lighthouse Day

I wanted to start filling my blog with a bit of other content! It might be experimental, it might be something that I continue with. I have to test things to see what works, and what doesn’t. I want to start writing about some of our “National Day’s” and “International Days”. For example today is technically the 10th of August, and today is National S’mores Day so I will be doing some things with the kids that revolve around S’mores and will be posting the content later this week!

While I was on a girls weekend with a few of my best friends this weekend in New Jersey we decided to take in National Lighthouse Day on Friday August 7th 2015. We went and visited the Sandy Hook Lighthouse and learned a little but about its history! I have to tell you that I find lighthouses to be absolutely beautiful. This one was no exception, and I am glad that Amy (my friend) allowed me the opportunity to see it!


Not only was I able to visit this remarkable lighthouse, I found out that the Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the oldest, still standing AND WORKING lighthouse in the United States! It was built-in 1764 by Isaac Conro, when built it stood only 500 ft from the tip of Sandy Hook. Due to growth of the land because of massive drifting from tides it is now approximately a mile and half inland from the tip. That is crazy to me, to think how much the land as spread due to the ocean tides.

11853917_10153149568482807_989386569_n 11857531_10153149568502807_1613568103_n

You can find the full history of the Sandy Hook, NJ’s Lighthouse here on Wiki. Below check out the small video they have on site about the history of the lighthouse and it’s care taker. It’s such a great piece of history to have visited, and I am glad I get to share it with you all.


If you like this post please let me know- I’d love to keep sharing fun content like this with you guys!! What National Days do you and your family celebrate, I’d love to know! Please share, and subscribe if you haven’t already!



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