Nogii- GLUTEN FREE Whey Quinoa Protein Shakes


Are you someone who is working towards healthy goals, and making better choices each day when it comes to your nutrition? I know there are A LOT of different shakes, pills, cleanses, and juices out there on the market. That alone makes it hard to know which ones are worth while, and what ones are better left on the shelf. You may also have restrictions in your diet that prevents you from taking one thing over another. I am here to introduce to you a brand called Nogii (noh-jee) that manufactures a GLUTEN FREE Whey Protein shake!


Nogii was created by a former favorite Survivor contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck! I remember watching her on her season in 2001 and loving her! Prior to her adventure of Survivor she had a lot of discomfort in her stomach, and suffered from harsh fatigue. The doctors weren’t able to pin point the cause of Elisabeth’s discomfort After being on a show for 30+ days that requires a brutally restrictive diet she was slowly able to reintroduce foods into her diet that helped pin point what it was that make her stomach upset. It’s that pesky 6 letter word everyone hates! G-L-U-T-E-N. Elizabeth wanted to make a product that allowed her to manage her celiac disease but to find enjoyment out of the things she eats. That’s where Nogii comes in, it’s a line of high protein packed products such as shakes, protein bars even chocolate, caramel candies!

I got the honor of reviewing their Whey Quinoa Protein Shakes!


Aside from the fact that these taste good, okay GREAT they blend really well. A lot of times you get shakes that are clumpy, chalky and plain gross. These have a nice smooth texture to it which is refreshing. They have between 160-170 calories per serving depending on the flavor you’re drinking. Along with being Gluten Free, there is 7g of fiber per serving as well. There are only 15 servings per container which seems a bit odd to me, when most shakes come with a 30 day supply. They pricing is $49.99 per container and that alone seems high for only half the servings.


The powder again is really fine, and easy to scoop through! Here you see me putting a scoop (1 serving) into about 8oz of Almond milk and a few pieces of ice! Tasted just like a milkshake with a taste of Vanilla frosting thrown in! Yes, I said frosting! I felt more energized and stayed full for hours because of the protein content in it. I have friends that are highly gluten intolerant so I know they’ll be excited to see a delicious tasting, GLUTEN FREE protein shake to add into their healthy lifestyle and workout routine!

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Please be sure to check out Nogii and all of the other products they sell if you’re looking for a product that allows you to enjoy life, and not be held down by your Celiac disease. These powders are sold at CVS nationwide! Also feel free to check them out on Social Media and tell them out much you love their Gluten Free formulated protein products!

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As always this was provided to me for free for my 100% honest opinion and feedback. I was not given any other compensation other than the product. These thoughts are my own, and not a reflection of the companies. If you feel you have a product or service you’d like seen on my blog please send your PR and Media requests to me at



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