Balloon Bonanza #FAILs


The verdict is in on Balloon Bonanza, and it’s not a good one. After seeing a video online about this totally awesome water balloon product that makes 40 balloons at once I had to go out and find them. My husband and son went out to Wal-Mart yesterday to look for them, and he said they had a HUGE display of them right when you walked into Wal-Mart. Each package comes with 120 balloons and comes in 3 colors and retails for $9.88 a box. I’ve heard pricing has varied depending on where you’re buying them from, and your location. 


You simply twist this onto the end of your hose and it’s supposed to fill them up, seal themselves and break off when full. We put it on the end of our hose, and we made sure that our hose wasn’t twisted so the water had a straight shot in. It took less than a minute for the balloons to fill up and start popping off. We noticed that some didn’t seem to inflate, or that some had leaks in them. We expected a few of them to be like that being that they are balloons and they can easily be damaged.

Once the first 40 were filled we decided it was time to have some fun with them! We all picked one up and threw it at one another, to our disappointment they didn’t break. They bounced off each other and popped in the grass. The size of the balloons weren’t very large either. Adam tried unsealing one and filling it up some more to see if it got bigger if it would bust easier, it didn’t. They were so hard that I accidentally hit my son in the ear with one and it bruised the top of his ear.


We noticed that if you squeeze them they spring a small leak and you’re then able to whip them at one another and it will explode open. Over all we had a lot of fun with them still, but it was more of a close proximity activity rather than a throwing them from a distance. If you were to ask my son if he had fun he’d tell you a 1000 times yes, however from a parent’s stand point I am really evaluating the worth of these. They cost almost 10.00, and while yes you’re paying for 120 balloons, you’re only able to use 80 to 90 of them after the leaks, and the ones that don’t inflate. They are certainly a time saver when it comes to filling and tying the balloons, but they are way to tough to be throwing around.

In conclusion, I feel these were hyped up because of the convenience factor but the functional ability of this product isn’t there. It’s not even the cost that bothers me, its the safety of the children using these if they don’t break like they should. I don’t know if I’d ever buy these again, maybe once they undergo a product improvement I might give them another shot.

11647350_10153056688527807_900614085_n  Just for giggles 🙂

To all my readers- please if you have any other suggestions of products you’d like reviewed or tried out don’t hesitate to ask me. My family and I really enjoy trying out things and bring you insight on what’s new to market. You can reach out to me on my Facebook Page, or E-mail me at

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