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The weather is warmer, kids are almost out of school and that can only mean a few things! Summer time for us means family and friend’s get together, have parties and cookouts. It also means the kids are home from school and that leads to all day snacking! My son would snack all day if I let him, and for the most part he chooses healthy snack options. One of our favorite snacks in the house is popcorn! I am a big fan of flavored popcorn, while my husband is a “Plain Jane” and only likes buttered popcorn (lots, and lots of butter).

I was excited to see a tub of KingOfPOP popcorn arrive at my house for review!


That is a lot of popcorn, even for us popcorn enthusiasts. I see a house-warming party in our near future that this will be a guest to. Anyways on the bottom of each popcorn tin you’ll find the flavors within in container. I was sent the Pub style flavors which had the flavors Bacon Cheddar, Buffalo and Honey Mustard!

12036 Buffalo-Single_small Honey-Mustard-Single_small

Bacon Cheddar                           Buffalo                          Honey Mustard


I was really curious as to how these would taste, but I totally got the whole Pub theme with the flavors in the tin. When I opened the tin the popcorn was full to the brim and sectioned off into their own compartment. The only thing I’d say about that is with it being as full as it was it mixed some of the flavors on the top. Generally you’re able to tell which popcorn is what based on color perhaps but the Buffalo and Bacon Cheddar flavor are more similar in color than the picture above shows. I had to try my best to get them back in their proper stop before allowing my 6-year-old to try them. While he likes to venture into the realm of spicy, I think the buffalo would have been a little to spicy for his liking.

11350025_10153000768937807_2136853874_n  (SO MUCH POPCORN, YUM)

All of the flavors were delicious, very flavorful, and no questioning what their flavor was. The Honey Mustard was my favorite I think, but then again the Buffalo was super yummy as well. I think the mixture of flavors in this tin was great, If I am craving something spicy I’ll come and grab a handful of the Buffalo, or if I want the flavor of Bacon Cheddar. My only recommendation or preference would be to have each flavor individually wrapped in a bag to keep it fresh for longer since It will take a while for us to eat all of this. It would also help keep the popcorn separate from one another.

Target Banner You can use the store locator to find what merchants in your area sells KingOfPOP near you. This is a great idea for a gift of an occasion. Seriously, who doesn’t like popcorn? Popcorn would make a great Father’s Day gift, or perhaps a house-warming, birthday party or even Superbowl parties. You can browse their tin and gift combinations HERE, as well as their pricing!

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