Maya The Bee Movie


Summer break is quickly approaching us who have kids, and keeping them occupied is number one on my list. There’s always going to be those rainy summer days and what better way to spend them than curled up on the couch watching a great new movie! Maya The Bee Movie is a great way to teach your kids about the joys of being yourself, going on adventures all while building great friendships. plushies

Maya is a newly hatched Bee with a bit of a wild side, and a tendency to not always follow the rules. One of the big rules we as parents teach our children are not to talk to strangers. That too is one of the lesson’s Maya is forced to learn, wondering who she can and can’t trust. Maya is some what of a “busy bee” and likes to make new friends. Along her adventures she meets a grasshopper who plays the violin, yes the violin, a dung beetle and a hornet.

fp01_070_compositing_stereo_v001_BWOWA.left.0322_ergebnis mf01_090_compositing_stereo_v002_BSLCA.left.0703 Maya and Willy

Something unexpected happens- the hives Royal Jelly comes up missing and the hornets are the prime suspect. Maya is accused of being an accomplice which sets in motion the mission to prove their innocents! Not everything is what it appears to be, and sometimes judging people/things before they really get to know them isn’t always a good thing.

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This movie reminded me a lot of a Bugs Life, a movie I watched when growing up. It’s a great feeling to share a life’s lesson and wonderful movie with my children! Maya The Bee Movie is now available at Wal-Mart, be sure to stop in and pick it up for your next family movie night!


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