LogoRGBBeing a parent is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. My children are my pride and joy and essential my entire world. I try my best to keep them as safe as possible in all areas of their life. Bathroom use is certainly no exception in our household. I maybe a paranoid mom, but I also know that accidents can happen at any second and I try my best to prevent those. With the help of DreamBaby® and some of their awesome products I can rest assure that my children both have the safety and the Independence they deserve.

I was sent three items to use within the bathroom, all safety tools. The first one is more for my 21 mos old daughter! She is just now starting to show real interest in using the potty, and the DreamBaby® Easy Clean Potty Seat! The RRP of this product is $8.99 but prices may vary based on carrier.

11297665_10152981022257807_737220913_n The potty seat is easy to set right into the toilet seat. My daughter is able to sit on it with comfort because of the padded seat. It also comes equipped with handles so that she can hold onto it while sitting there and feel safe and secure. I know with my son when he was potty training (he’s now almost 7) he would get nervous about falling off, or into the toilet! The seat also has a pee guard in case you’re training a little boy. It’s super easy to wipe down and disinfect after each use! The bright colors and animals really catch my toddlers eye. Makes potty training more enjoyable for her, which makes it easier on me!

The next two items go hand in hand in the bath tub. Both used for preventing injuries within the bath tub. The DreamBaby® Anti-Slip Mat & DreamBaby® Bath Tub Spout Cover.


My son is a huge fan of bath time… once I get him into the bath tub I should say. He also isn’t the most gracious when it comes to getting in and out of the tub. Which is why the Anti-Slip Mat is a great addition to the floor of their bath tub. You need to make sure you dampen the suctions prior to putting it into the tub. I didn’t do that at first and I had a hard time getting it to stick. The weight of my 50lb son helped to secure it into place also. He too really enjoys the bright bold colors of the mat and the animal choice. The RRP for the Anti-Slip Mat is $17.99 which I’d say is a decent price for a bathmat.

72dpi_f869_insitu_1Lastly is the spout cover- and this is really a great product. Even as an adult I’ve hit my head on the darn bath tub spout. It’s a great color, and picture accent to your bathroom decor as well as a safety product. The water can still easily run through the bottom of the spout. It was super easy to blow up, and slip over the faucet. I would have loved to of seen it in the same pattern as the other items, but that’s not a huge deal! It doesn’t affect the product’s ability to keep my kids safe. The RRP of this is $2.99.

These were all really great additions to my children’s bathroom! I think my children will continue to love the look of it, while I sit back and take in all the safety and reassurance I am getting for my children! Thank you DreamBaby® for the wonderful opportunity to review such great products! You too can check their products out on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

As always this was provided to me for free for my 100% honest opinion and feedback. I was not given any other compensation other than the product. These thoughts are my own, and not a reflection of the companies. If you feel you have a product or service you’d like seen on my blog please send your PR and Media requests to me at ProductsinReview@gmail.com


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