Milano Melts – Boston Cream Pie


While walking through Wal-Mart the other day looking for snacks for my children my big kid AKA my husband came across these. While I am not a huge fan of hard cookies I agreed to get them so I could review them. My husband is a HUGE Boston Cream Doughnut fan so I knew he was super excited to see these. I don’t know if these are new to market as they don’t have the **NEW** stamp on the package but I haven’t seen them and they are certainly new to this house hold. 

11117846_10152939845057807_2067480913_n It’s nice that it comes in these easy cupcake liners, it makes taking them out of the bag simple. With other cookie packages you always have to fight with pinching your fingers between the cookie and the end of the row to get the first cookie out. When that is all said and done you’ve already broken about half the row. While the serving size is two cookies at 150 calories we had a tad few more than 2. In other words the 12 cookies that you get in the bag were gone in one day by the 3 of us.


So what did we think!? The first thing we noticed is that the smell of the bag was really, really strong. We got a really sweet breakfast smell to the bag, not so much Boston Cream, but that of when you walk into say a Tim Horton’s. Adam said it almost smelt like coffee, but then a transition into french toast. I would have to agree with the french toast smell for sure. Once we bit into it we really had to take a moment and really taste each component of the cookie. The shortbread cookie itself is delicious as always, and the chocolate layer married nicely with the cookie. However when we got to the Boston Cream filling it fell short for us. Mostly my husband because he’s very much a person who wants what is shown on the package!

 11120088_10152940043287807_1956931607_n You can see that the filling of the cookie shown on the package is so moist that it looks creamy and like the cookie is actually filled with that cream filling. Sadly it wasn’t like that at all, the filling was more of a thick frosting consistency and only appeared to be apparent towards the end of the cookie.

11267307_10152939845007807_133934018_n  These cookies were without a doubt delicious but it lacked the over all Boston Cream Pie taste and presentation. I know it’s a cookie and not a doughnut but the expectations were held a little too high I think for these cookies! I will say though, these would probably be bought again because they were delicious, but not something that would satisfy my husbands Boston Cream craving.

If you are looking for your products to be reviewed please feel free to e-mail me at with any Media requests. I bought this product with my own money, and this is not a sponsored post. All opinions here in this review is 100% my own and are not the reflections of the companies. 


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