The Oreo McFlurry VS the Burger King Oreo Shake

Happy May 1st to you all, I wanted to bring to you something a little different today. It’s finally staying consistently warm out and all of our local ice-cream shops are starting to open up. Last night we were out grocery shopping and I had the biggest craving for a milkshake. I remember seeing Burger King had a sign on their windows promoting their Oreo Milkshake and told my husband to stop there. He had already gotten a Oreo McFlurry from McDonalds. So I thought it would be a perfect review opportunity for you guys! 

Let it be known I am not the biggest fan of just plain vanilla ice-cream. So I felt the Oreo cookie would be a nice balance between chocolate and vanilla.

Here you’ll find a side by side comparison of my husbands McFlurry and my Burger King Oreo Shake.


Adam ordered the snack size McFlurry and I ordered the small size Oreo Shake. They are relatively close in size, my cup was more narrow but taller than the McFlurry cup. While I can’t remember the exact price of both of them Adam said they were only a few cents in difference.

Lets take a look at differences in texture as mine was a milkshake and his was a blended ice-cream.


The textures were certainly different, but I was still able to eat my milkshake with the McFlurry spoon without it dripping of. Lets talk about the taste, I was a little disappointed in the Burger King Oreo shake as I felt it could have used more Oreo pieces in it. It didn’t taste like Oreo’s at all, it had an over whelming taste of vanilla rather than the two flavors together. The McFlurry was on pointe, it had just the right amount of cookie pieces blended in with the vanilla ice-cream to make the Oreo flavor be known.

If I’m being honest my Burger King Oreo Shake was nothing like this!


I have to say the Oreo McFlurry wins this ice-cream challenge!


**Disclaimer** I bought all above mentioned items with my own money. This is not a sponsored post, and not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies. These thoughts are 100% my own, and are not a reflection of the companies.


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