Family Finest- Make n Bake Pizza

 FamilyFinest-Nav-FamilyFinestLogo Friday nights are usually pizza night in our house hold. I personally prefer to make our own pizza rather then ordering it from our local pizza place. I know exactly what is on and in my pizza, it’s also a lot cheaper than ordering it. While I didn’t purchase this next product this time, I will be from now on when we make our own pizza at home! Family Finest asked me to review their Make-N-Bake Pizza, that can be found at your local Wal-Mart. 


Each box retails for $4.98 and your MMV (Market May Vary). The box contains 4 pizza crusts, a bag of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and 4 individual packets of sauce. If you haven’t guessed it already, enough to make 4 pepperoni and cheese pizzas. Which is perfect for my family of 3.5. I say 3.5 because my year and half year old doesn’t eat enough to factor it in as a full person yet.

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My 6 year old and I had a wonderful time making dinner together. To be honest this is something that need little to no help from me at all to complete and that really made Benjamin feel proud. There was certainly enough cheese to accommodate all four pizzas, but when we make pizza at home we tend to eat a few slices of pepperoni while we make the pizza and this kit doesn’t accommodate for that. You can see above that one pizza was made into a cheese pizza, which turned out to be perfect. Raeya doesn’t like pepperoni but very much likes cheese!

11185472_10152903882037807_1135278424_n Family Finest allowed my family to have a bonding experience while having a delicious, and wonderful meal. It was plenty big enough to fill us up, I served it with a nice tossed salad and fruit. You could even add your own toppings like olives, mushrooms, or peppers. The list is endless but this is a perfect kit to get you started on making your own pizza at home!

The look on my children’s faces was enough to know just how much they loved their Family Finest Pizza! Check it out for yourself!

11185478_10152903881987807_402626631_n 11173697_10152903882012807_794077841_n


Maybe pizza isn’t your thing, well Family Finest also has Bake-N-Make Cookies that I tried looking for in one of my local Wal-Mart’s but couldn’t find them. You can bet i’ll be looking for them at my other Wal-Mart location. Along with pizza and cookies they also offer calzones and bread-sticks!


Please do yourself a favor and check them out in store, and on social media! I promise you’ll become a fan as well!

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As always this was provided to me for free for my 100% honest opinion and feedback. I was not given any other compensation other than the product. These thoughts are my own, and not a reflection of the companies. If you feel you have a product or service you’d like seen on my blog please send your PR and Media requests to me at


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