Review Coming Soon- Levana Ayden Video Monitor

logo (1) I am super excited to be reviewing the Ayden Video Monitor! I will be putting this up in my daughters room once we move. We will be transitioning her into her toddler bed and I’d love to see when she gets out of her bed! Take a quick look at the functions of this video monitor!

maxresdefault I am super excited about being able to speak to her through the monitor since we’ll be on different ends of the house! I am also eager to get comfortable with all the other functions as well like the temperature monitoring and the soothing sleep sounds. Raeya has never needed sound to sleep so I am curious to know if she’ll love it, or hate that feature.

nightvision I am loving the ability to be able to see her even in the dark! I hope I don’t watch any scary movies before bed because it is almost creepy though! I’ve heard stories of what people see or hear over the monitors. I just hope I am not one of those people lol.

1_-_ayden-main overview_screen_size_01

So above is the sneak peak of the product- if you’d like to do your own research before I get the review up please go a head and stop on over to Levana and check out the other reviews on it as well as all of its specs. I hope to see you guys tune in for the review and all of the exciting things we’ll be able to see with this video monitor.


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