Rice n Simple


I never realized how much I liked rice as a side dish or part of a main dish until my husband pointed out that he isn’t a huge fan unless it comes in a white box from the Chinese place up the road. He points it out to me at least once a week because when I menu plan I always plan something with rice and I have to substitute the rice for pasta for him. I thought a carb was a carb, no matter its form. So instead of having it for dinners as often as i’d like I’ve found ways to make it in my lunch meals. 

I usually go with brown instant rice if I’m using it for a lunch meal because I can easily portion it out, and don’t have to take 40 minutes to cook it on the stove. I was sent a VIP review package from Rice n Simple that offered pre-cooked brown and white rice! My son was home on Spring Break this week so we decided it would be the perfect change to try it out as each bowl has 2 servings in it.


We pulled the Teriyaki Brown Rice bowl out and peeled the plastic off the top and put it into the microwave for exactly 1 minute per the directions on the box. I honestly didn’t think it would be hot enough, or soft enough to eat. You know how left over rice gets hard in the fridge well this rice was plenty hot enough as well as tender enough. You can choose to eat the rice as is (unflavored) or you can pour the packaged sauce on the rice when it comes out of the microwave for more flavor. Which is exactly what Benjamin and I did.


We cooked up some ground meat and tossed some corn in the bowl as well. It was super simple and took no more than 10 minutes to cook from start to finish. I wasn’t sure if it would fill me up, but it was so filling, and delicious. The best part was it’s super healthy too, and the rice is so versatile. I look forward to making more of them during the week to maybe make a chili bowl, or even a taco bowl. I have so many great idea that I’d love to share for a quick, simple, yet healthy meal.

You can check out the many benefits to their rice, and rice in general here on their fact sheet! I haven’t seen where these are sold locally to me, but if you know what stores they are sold in please let me know. In the mean time follow them on social media and keep up to date on their growth. I will also be reviewing another one of their products probably after the Easter has come and gone.

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As always this was provided to me for free for my 100% honest opinion and feedback. I was not given any other compensation other than the product. These thoughts are my own, and not a reflection of the companies. If you feel you have a product or service you’d like seen on my blog please send your PR and Media requests to me at ProductsinReview@gmail.com


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