SolScents- Sunscreen


I know that warmer weather is approaching us (hopefully sooner rather that later) here in Western New York. What does that mean for you, I know that it means that I get to take my kids outside more often and I worry about their skin. Growing up I fought my mom tooth and nail not to have sunscreen put on my body because I hated the way it felt on my skin, it smelt nasty and I just all around hated it. So much so I’d suffer the consequences of having sunburns sometimes. It was as far as getting sun poisoning in the 8th grade and having to take my school photos looking like a lobster! I now have scars, and sun freckles all over my shoulders from getting burned so bad. Luckily for my kids & me I’ve come across a new sunscreen brand called SolScents! I was drawn to them by their pretty colors and nice font (I’m not even going to lie about that, no shame in my game). Aside from the pretty colors, and snazzy font they have something that is truly amazing here! Sunscreen that leaves your skin feeling smooth, silky and smelling great! None of that chemical smelling stuff, or the sunscreen that makes your skin glisten, or feel so oily you need a Dawn bath to get all the oil off my skin.

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These are the two lotion based sunscreens I got for review. Cucumber Lime SPF 30 and Pina Colada. SPF 15. They go on like lotion, and absorb into the skin super quickly only leaving the sweet smell of summer time! I had only wished that both scents came in the higher SPF but that’s just me being a mom.

The next product I got for review is for keeping my face looking fresh and young! I suffer from red spots on my cheeks and nose and I can only assume it’s from years of being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. So thank you SolScents for making Clear Face Sunscreen!

flower_blast_face_large Keeping in mind they are a new brand coming to market they don’t have very many scents available in all of their products. The face lotion only comes in Flower Blast, but smells so nice! It’s got a suddle floral scent to it, but not overpowering since it’s used on the face! I am loving the higher SPF of 50 on this product!

The last product I received was the continuous spray sunscreen in the scent Deep Love. This product is super easy to use once you figure out how to get it to spray. That totally be my own lack of knowledge, and nothing to do with the actual packaging. It goes on light, and of course smells amazing. I usually care sunscreen with me in the diaper bag now because I never know when we’ll be outside longer then expected. I threw the cucumber melon one into my bag since Benjamin my oldest said he liked that smell the best.


These products are all available on their website, and can be purchased there with free shipping! free_shipping_40276025-7853-4ea5-99af-4dbf2b9fde8e_small They are now available at Target- but when I looked they currently aren’t showing my locations (or any within 50 miles) that carry it. I am stocked good for now, but when it comes time to purchase some I hope it’s offered in my stores. If not I’ll be ordering offline. Check your local Targert and let me know if you see it there. I’d love to know, leave it in the comments if you would.

Check SolScents out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

As always this was provided to me for free for my 100% honest opinion and feedback. I was not given any other compensation other than the product. These thoughts are my own, and not a reflection of the companies. If you feel you have a product or service you’d like seen on my blog please send your PR and Media requests to me at


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