The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook


Some of you may have seen my YouTube video my husband and I did taste testing a few of these mug cakes out! I knew from the moment I was offered to review this book that I would hands down without a doubt LOVE this book, and I was right! Its simple, easy and perfect for anyone looking to have their sweet tooth satisfied at a quick rate.

My husband and I wanted to try out a few different recipes for you guys and tell you what we thought about each of them. We made 4 different kinds, Chocolate Lava, Chocolate Peanut Buttercup, Yellow and Banana.


We used mason jars for an extra cuteness, and because we needed more mugs then I had in my cupboard. These worked perfectly, and are great for storage if you so choose to make them and freeze them! All of these mug cakes take about 1 minute and 30 seconds to cook. Seriously, you can’t have it any better then that! All of these recipes require only a few ingredients and they are more then likely items you already have on hand at home.


Each batter/recipe makes two servings and you want to make sure that whatever you’re making it in you don’t fill it more then half way full. Its nice to not have to bake an entire cake for two people and have it go to waste. If cake isn’t your thing the book also offers the option to make chocolate chip cookies, or cinnamon buns! You can’t go wrong with doughnuts either! You heard right, doughnuts in a mug!

If you’re looking for simple yet delicious this is the book for you, I promise you wont be disappointed! You can purchase this book as a paperback, on the Kindle, or Nook! If you do purchase this book and try out some of the recipes please let me know how you liked them, and which ones you’ve tired.


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