KissMe Organics- Matcha Green Tea Powder

headerI recently just started working with a website called Tomoson where they allow bloggers like myself to try out products for FREE and review them in exchange for their honest opinion. I got approved for KissMeOrganics Green Tea Matcha! It’s culinary grade green tea powder. It’s a product of Japan and it was typically reserved for royalty and spiritual leaders! 

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My husband did a blind taste test this morning of our morning fruit smoothies. I made two identical smoothies except in one I put 1 tsp of Matcha powder into it. The one difference you could tell right away was the difference in color. It turned it a light shade of green!


You can find the full blind taste test here on YouTube! However you will see that even with the addition of Matcha powder the taste was not altered at all. Adam said that it seemed as though the Matcha powder smoothie seemed a little thicker, and I totally agree. With that being said, why wouldn’t you want to throw 1 tsp of Matcha into your daily nutrition. It aids in healthy looking skin, boosting your metabolism and giving you energy all day long! I say that’s a win-win for me, and it could be for you too!

You can purchase your Matcha Powder on Amazon- Located here!


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