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This review again will be filled with ADULT CONTENT- so if you are under the age of 18, please excuse yourself from this review. I was sent all of these items in this review for free in exchange for my honest review, and feedback on the product.

So this review will be featuring some water based lubricants sent from MyPleasureBox. I haven’t really heard too much of their actual company, or website but I figured I would contact them and see what they had to offer for review for you guys. Without further adieu let’s get into the products!


I look for a few simple things when it comes to my lubricants.

1) It’s scent free– It almost takes away from the experience for me if I’m being hit in the face with scented lubes.

2) I don’t like sticky, or tacky lubricants. — I don’t like a hard clean up, and if its sticking everywhere It’s just not the right product for me.

3) It does its job (this probably should have been #1) — I don’t want to have to keep reapplying lube either during sex, or self play. I want to know that what I am using is going to stay “wet” if you will.

Nothing screams wrong product then when you feel like you’re dumping the entire product bottle in your hands.

11003960_10152764378127807_1339409773_n 10944709_10152764378152807_1835392874_n

The first thing I noticed with this Glide Natural Feel water based lubricant was the protection seal. This is exactly something I want to be seeing when using a product that will be either on or in my body. This particular lube was a great consistency. It wasn’t sticky, or foul-smelling. I rubbed it between my fingers for sometime before feeling like I needed to wet it. After adding water it went back to its original consistency.

The second one I tested out for you guys was the Moist.

11020413_10152764378327807_1801030675_n 11003990_10152764378347807_1567922630_n

This one wasn’t my favorite, but it certainly would get the job done. I didn’t like the fact that it had such a large opening to it. In order to get any lube out you’d have to pour it out really slowly. It could use a different type of dispenser for this particular bottle. This one I also felt was rather runny to begin with, so it was kind of hard to keep in my hands for use. Moist lube certainly gets the job done, and will keep you “moist” all through your play time.


My personal favorite was the Slippery Stuff Lubricant. It had everything that I was looking for in a lube, even the added convenience of the proper dispense top. If I had to choose one of the 6, this one would be my top rated one. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great quality water based lubricant.

Some of the other products I was sent are Wicked Aqua, Wicked Toy Love, and Divine 9.

I didn’t want to open those one until I was ready to fully use them! The other ones I could use them and put the lid back on if I didn’t use them all. The packets of the other three would go to waste if I didn’t use them all at once. When I do use those ones I will be sure to update though.

MyPleaseBox offers a wide variety of other items as well. They have sex toys, lingerie, costumes, and other items for all your bedroom needs! Check them out on their website linked above, or on their social media links.

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If you think you have a product that you’d like reviewed on my blog you can contact me at Productsinreview@gmail.com


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