logo.jpgI had a great following with my previous adult related review, so I thought I would continue including this as a category in which I review. With that being said, if you are not over the age of 18 please excuse yourself from this review as it’s of an adult nature. I again received this item for free in exchange for my honest review of the product. is just that an adult website that sells adult toys, and other adult bedroom products. I was sent one of their sex toy boxes to review! I was super excited about this opportunity as my sex toy collection has grown rather large. I foresee it growing even bigger now that I have gotten into reviewing them. Anyways here is the Toy Box I was asked to review.

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Now to me, this box screams super sexy! The color scheme is right on target for me, when I think hot sex toy box! The laced effects of the ribbon is really what “ties” this entire look together! Not that a sex toy box needs to be fashionable, or trendy but women want to feel sexy in all area’s of their lives and this is just an added bonus for them.

The box comes with a lock, and two super cute keys.

11004965_10152757002957807_1243792671_n 11012314_10152757008052807_350852178_n

I actually have been wearing one of the keys around my neck on my necklace so I don’t lose it. Plus it doesn’t scream “I open a sex toy box”, I just want access to my toys if I need to. The lock is just a plain lock, but with a box that looks like this you don’t need a big fancy lock.


The size of the box is decent, it certainly wont hold all of my toys, or adult related items but it holds 3-4 toys. I would also like to mention that depending on the material of your toys make sure you have a satin bag for storage so the toys don’t break down the outside of the toys. This would even be good for taking on vacation with you if you only wanted to take a few items. If you think that the hot pink and black screams too sexy for you, they have two other color options.

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These are selling for $36.00 and to be honest you have to think about the worth that it’s holding. The box might seem expensive to you, or it might not but how much are the items inside worth that it’s protecting? That is really a personal preference, but I love my Toy Box, and had I known about this before offered the opportunity to review I would have bought one.

Check out what other items have offer on their website, and media links.

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**Disclaimer** I was provided these products for free for review. There was no compensation to me other than the products provided to me by the company. All of these thoughts, comments, and opinions are 100% my own, and completely honest. These opinions are not a reflection of the companies.


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