♥♥♥ Albanese-Worlds Best Candy ♥♥♥


Come inside the word of Albanese Candy! Can you believe that for over 30 years Albanese Candy has been making the worlds best gummy bears? Now that sounds a bit biased to me, and without trying them you can’t really say they are the worlds best. However, I HAVE tried them, and I am very particular about my gummy bears. I haven’t tried anything like these gummy candies. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I was sent their red and white colored gummy bears.


Unlike typical gummy bears, these were full of flavor AND super soft. Way too many times have I come across gummy candies that aren’t too hard to even be considered gummies. These bears are bursting full of flavor, and not your typical flavors either. If we you were to guess the flavors of these bears, what would they be?

Give up? The red is wild cherry, and the white, is my absolute favorite with strawberry banana flavor. How original to have a gummy bear flavored with that flavor combo. You usually get your strawberry, lime, pineapple, etc. They really had me at the strawberry banana flavor!

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My son on the other hand was in favor of the wild cherry! Not sure if you’re eating a world’s best gummy bear, just know all Albanese Bears get the “A” of approval stamped right on their belly before they leave the factory!


They also offer Valentine Sour Gummy Hearts! They are the same flavors, but coated in a tangy sugar-coating. I say tangy vs sour because when held against another sour gummy, we didn’t feel these were overly sour. I was hoping for more of a kick, but none the less they were very delicious. Benjamin liked these the best he said, even over the bears.

Pricing for the Bears and Hearts are as follows:

1lb Package- 1.99

5lb Package- 7.99

But wait.. there’s more! Did you think we’d get away without trying some chocolate! Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate, and their chocolate is a must this Valentine’s Day!

Raeya even says so!


The first thing I noticed was how many pieces there were in this box, but more importantly the fact that its pretty well rationed between milk chocolate and dark chocolate! I lifted the cover off the box and was completely entranced by the sweet, smell of chocolate!


When it came time to dig into the box to try it out, it came to both mine and my husbands attention that unlike some boxed candy, this one didn’t have a key. So we were going in blind almost in terms of what we were trying. I was okay with that because I’m not picky, but Adam on the other hand. He’d be the person that would take a bite out of the candy and if he didn’t like he’d put the other half back into the box and continue plowing through until he got what he liked.


Sort of like this ^^^ LOL

I personally didn’t come across one that I didn’t like yet, however there was some I wasn’t even sure what the flavor was. The chocolate is of high quality, and the flavor fillings are on point! Very rich, and delicious!

Pricing for the Chocolate Gift Boxes-

1lb box 17.99

With purchases of $15.00+ you’ll receive a Free sample of Milk Chocolate Toffee with Almonds with any online purchase of $15 or more.

You should definitely check out Albanese’s World’s Best Candy for all of your Valentine’s Day needs!

 Be sure to check out their store locator to see what stores locally in your area sells them. In the mean time follow them on Facebook for exclusive promotions and specials!

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**Disclaimer** I was provided these products for free for review. There was no compensation to me other than the products provided to me by the company. All of these thoughts, comments, and opinions are 100% my own, and completely honest. These opinions are not a reflection of the companies.


2 thoughts on “♥♥♥ Albanese-Worlds Best Candy ♥♥♥

  1. Krista says:

    I just bought a bag of their “poppin’ pineapple” gummy bears the other day, and I agree, these are the best!! They are so soft and the flavor is amazing! I have to try the valentines mix – I love cherry and banana! Hopefully the strawberry / banana will have a nice banana flavor! Yum!


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