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logo_140x250With this post comes a little bit of a funny story! I absolutely had no idea what Macaroons, and a Macaron were two different things. I mean, when you look at the two, they are clearly two different things. However I didn’t realize the pronunciation was different and that one was called the other. See for yourself, I know my best friend had no idea what was what! She wants a Macaron and I love Macaroons!


Which is exactly what this review is on Coconut Macaroons from Laughing Giraffe Organics! I was really eager to see what flavors I would received as they all sounded pretty delicious. No only do they look delicious they are made up of some of the most amazing organic ingredients.


How adorable is that logo? More importantly how yummy do these macaroons look? I asked Adam which one he wanted to try and he instantly said neither. He’s not much for trying new things but as a reviewer he had made an honest effort to try everything that is sent to me. After some hemming and hawing he said “open the lemon ones”. I didn’t think he’d pick lemon, but I said okay! I handed it to him, and he disappeared into the kitchen. I thought he was going to throw it away but a few minutes later returned and asked for another one! I replied with “I thought you didn’t want them”, he shot back with “but they are really good”. I too tried the lemon, and we both agreed that it has a very natural lemon taste. Does that make sense to all of you? It’s not over powering, but it tastes like what you envision an actual lemon tasting like but sweetened by the coconut sugar and agave they use. Its sure to go with anything, or to give your pallet a nice clean taste.


My favorites were of course the Chocolate ones! I know its typical for me to like chocolate over everything else right? Well these are no exception, they really hit the spot.


The macaroon itself is pretty big, Id say you’d get a good 4 bits out of one of them. The serving size is 1.5 of them, at 100 calories each! Eating these remind me of eating a Mounds candy bar, but knowing it’s so much better.

All of their products are:

Gluten Free ♥ Certified Organic ♥ Raw & Vegan ♥

They are also high in fiber, great source of health fats, high in protein and low on the glycemic index.


Over all these are a great nutrient packed snack! They could be eaten as is, or along side a cup of coffee, or tea. My son likes to eat these when he gets home from school, along side a cup of milk that is. It makes me feel good knowing I have options out there for my family when it comes to healthy eating, AND healthy snacking.

You can purchase any of their Snakaroons or other organic products here, I actually found some being sold in Marshall’s at my local mall this past weekend! If you shop online and use promo code Winter2015 you’ll receive 15% off your purchase!

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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**Disclaimer** I was provided these products for free for review. There was no compensation to me other than the products provided to me by the company. All of these thoughts, comments, and opinions are 100% my own, and completely honest. These opinions are not a reflection of the companies.


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