Do You Want To Pitch Me?!


As I have mentioned before- I’ve been working hard to create a list of items that one would want for Valentine’s Day! This will hopefully be appropriate for everyone of all ages. I know that as a parent I get my children things for Valentine’s Day just as my mother did for me. It is just something a little extra special for my children on this one day! Not because I feel obligated to, but because I truly feel it makes a difference in my son’s day when he gets something special. So look out for some children friendly ideas.

  I will give you a heads up, specially if you’re a loyal reader and have been with me since the beginning I haven’t really written anything risque but it doesn’t mean that I won’t. With Valentine’s Day I am hoping to out reach even my comfort zone in hopes of finding another audience to capture. So I wont be offended if you choose not to read the entire guide, but I wanted to let you all know that there might be some adult content or natures items on the list! With that being said I haven’t gotten any confirmations for those companies so no worries just yet.

I want to extend the offer to you, or anyone else who happens to read this! If you feel you have a product or service in which you’d like me to try out and review please let me know. You can contact me at or on Facebook! Thank you all so much for supporting me!



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