The Excitement of Mail Delivery.

I contact a lot of businesses daily for an opportunity to review their products so I can share with you the awesomeness of each company. However sometimes I forget who I’ve contacted and confirmed business with even though I have it written down. Life around the holidays has me frazzled. Anyways today I got a package from the FedEx man and was really excited to see whom it was from! Check out all this greatness I get to review!


It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! My son decided he would use his white tshirts as a napkin at dinner! What mom enjoys seeing sloppy Joe sauce smeared all over the chest and shoulder of their child’s clothes?! Right, NONE! So I sprayed the shirt with Dreft stain remover and once it’s washed I will update! 


If Dreft helps this mess I will be over the moon! Give me about 24 hours to update as we have a ton of laundry to do lol.


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