Jack and Lily Shoes + GIVEAWAY

LogoJack and Lily are an adorable shoe business for infants to toddlers. My 16 mos. old Daughter just started to walk a few months ago, and I want the best possible shoes for her feet while they grow and she continues to develop her walk. I had heard about Jack and Lily through a friend of mine who also has twin girls around Raeya’s age. I knew I had to try them out for myself, and pass along the amazingness of their products.

When I contacted them to ask if I could review their products they without hesitation were glad to do so. They even allowed me to pick the shoe and size that I wanted which was really nice of them. I would have settled for any of them (ask long as they fit) but the fact that I got to review their site and pick the kind I felt would be perfect for my little one was the icing on the cake. They have several different options for shoes, they have My Mocs, My Shoes, My Boots and My Moc Boots.

    These are the My Mocs we chose for Raeya!!


10863670_10152579914507807_1554274348_n 10863705_10152579914937807_1405084597_n

I love the look of them, The pink with the brown make a great color combination, and they aren’t overly girly. They will pair nicely with most of her outfits, which is nice because a lot of the shoes she has now are really crazy colors. Lets talk about fit for a minute. These Mocs are in a size 18-24 mos. I figured getting them bigger would allow for Raeya to have some growing room in them because their sizing says a 18-24 mos should fit a 6-7 shoes size. Now Raeya has little pudgy feet and these fit perfectly. I don’t think she’ll be in them for a lot time as they aren’t overly big, or have a huge gap in the toe area. I would say thy are true to their size. I also love the material is soft and it really molds to the shape of her foot.


I didn’t have to worry about their being a gap in the back, or that they were too loose are the ankle causing her to step wrong on her feet. They are easy on and easy off with the Velcro feature, and elastic lacing. I love that the bottom of the shoes have an actual rubber sole. If she happens to walking around outside, or in a store I know she’s getting proper traction on her feet that will results in less falls.


The best part about these shoes is the fact that Raeya keeps them on her feet. She’s been known to take everything off her feet in the matter of minutes. I can see myself buying Raeya a pair of these until they don’t make her size in them anymore. Jack and Lily are for both your little boy or little girl.


Check out Jack and Lily Shoes, and Keep up with them via their social media outlets.




Ohhhhh BUT WAIT…… There’s MORE! YOU, can win your own pair of Jack and Lily Shoes! Below you will find the Terms and Condition of the giveaway. This being my first giveaway I want to make it clear you must be 18+ and live in the US & CA. Feel free to share this giveaway with anyone you know that may love these shoes for their child. PLEASE make sure to read the rules! Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram is not affiliated in  anyway to this giveaway. They are not held responsible for any part of it.


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