Nature’s Nectar– Little Kids Wine


It’s no lie that with it being the month of December my mind is on the holidays. How can it not be, I mean come on everywhere I go I am reminded it’s only about 17 days away! I walk into the stores and quickly get bombarded with all of the holiday must haves from the candy, to the housing decor to the holiday meal basics. Oh right, and my oldest child is a sure reminder that the holidays are quickly approaching. 

As a child I loved sparkling grape juice, I could seriously drink an entire bottle by myself. Okay, I definitely did drink an entire bottle by myself but that’s not the point. The point is, is that sparkling grape juice IS THE must have item for the holiday occasions, specially if you have children in your home. I would pretend it was the “real stuff” and drink it out of a fancy schmancy plastic (yes because no adult would trust a child with a glass one) wine glass. My mother always made sure it was on her shopping list for when we sat at home ringing in the new year, or to have with our Christmas dinner.


Like everything else as of late, its become costly to purchase sparkling grape juice. Though it may not seem expensive to be paying 3.00 a bottle, it is when you’re drinking them all in one sitting, like I did. Which is why I was super excited to find Nature’s Nectar made sparkling grape juice at Aldi’s. As for those of you who don’t know what Aldi’s is, its a grocery store that offers the same quality foods (if not better in my opinion sometimes) for cheaper.  Aldi’s had their sparkling grape juice retailing at 2.49 a bottle. I was sure to scoop that up and put it into my cart. I was also rather intrigued that it was blueberry grape flavored!


It was delicious, just how i remembered it to be as a kid. It’s got the nice fizz to it that every child likes, with the bubbles to match. I am a huge fan of the blueberry flavor added in with the grape. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they pair rather nicely together. Nectar’s Nature also has regular 100% juices available at the Aldi’s store. Those too are very good, my children drink those weekly. I do believe that Nature’s Nectar is a brand exclusively for Aldi’s stores, so if you have one in your area stop in and pick up a bottle… or three. I happened to look on Wal-marts website, and they are selling Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice for 2.98 a bottle.


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