Nuband Activity and Fitness Tracker


I had hope to come to all of you with this brand new item sooner as I am sure this item will be a must have for Christmas. I am very into fitness, and being as healthy, and active as I can be. However it’s a little hard to figure out if I am getting my recommended daily steps in, or if I am burning enough calories, and being active enough. The Nuband Fitness and Activity Tracker takes all the guessing out of it for you. It tracks your daily steps, calories burned, and distance gone. It tracks all of these things and syncs them up to an App that is free for download in your Apps store or Google Play. It is compatible with iOS 7.0 version and above, as well as the Android 4.3 version and above.


The Nuband Activity Trackers comes in a 3 different colors, pink, blue and black. The tracker pops out of the rubber wrist band for easy charging with a supplied USB cord. Once fully charged, which takes an average of 3 hours the tracker is estimated to last up to 7 days. The Nuband Activity and Fitness Tracker is highly comparable to the leading brands of fitness trackers. I love that the face display of the tracker shows the time where as my husband’s tracker does not.

Lets review some other features the Nuband Activity Tracker offers.

  • It’s water resistant and can be worn in the shower.
  • It track your sleeping patterns, and determines if you have a restless night.
  • Syncing your information to your device is simple and sharing via Facebook and Twitter is easy with Nuband.
  • The tracker will vibrate when you’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time.
  • The Nuband also offers a vibrating alarm clock, when the alarm goes off the band begins to vibrate softly.

Cost varies by store, but has an average retail value of 50.00 to 80.00. When comparing them to the leading brands this one is more cost efficient and has the same if not more features then the average fitness tracker.

With this product being new to the market there isn’t a ton of companies carrying it in stores yet. However it is available on the Peebles Website or the Jcpenny’s Website. It’s also offered in stores at JCPenny’s but I would give JCPenny’s a chance to restock online as they sold over 2000 of them on black Friday and will be restocked by the end of this week. They are also working on getting a Facebook Page up and running. Once one is setup I will be sure to link it here. In the mean time visit there website. I just got word that there maybe a new product line coming in 2015, so stay tuned for more information on that.


Before I end this review I will say the only thing I don’t love about this product is that the clock runs a 24 hour time setting vs the 12. Meaning it’s now 1:53pm, but my tracker shows it to be 13:53. I haven’t been able to find away to change that, but when I do, i will update it here.


24 thoughts on “Nuband Activity and Fitness Tracker

  1. Jenelle says:

    Just charged up my Nuband today…it never said it was synched, and my clock is off, it says 3:02 on 01-01 and it’s 19:03 on 01-02. I tried clicking the synch button again, no change. It is clocking my steps, but how to fix the clock? This is not covered in the Troubleshooting section of the web page. Ideas?


    • Jenelle says:

      DC, the same thing happened with mine. I charged it for about 2 hours, and the battery icon looked full, so I tried to synch it and so forth. No results, and the time was off by several hours. I plugged it in again the next day and charged for a while and tried to synch again, and it suddenly, finally worked. Apparently it needs the full 3 hour charge to begin the process correctly.


  2. Jenelle says:

    Does anyone know how Nuband defines sleep? One day it said I had slept only 2 hours, another day that I had not slept at all. Am I overlooking information on the website?


  3. Jenelle says:

    Re: how Nuband determines sleep – yes, no movement. But it tracked me as have 74 steps one night while in bed! I experimented and discovered it determines steps by the swinging motion of my arm. Apparently I toss my arm around a lot!
    @ Danny, have you tried charging the battery for 3 hours and then synching it? That worked for me.


  4. Jenelle says:

    My Nuband now holds a charge for less than a day, I seldom can “catch” it in time to charge it up and synch the info…because when the battery dies, the data is lost. I have been careful to not charge more than 3 hours, per instructions – but one day before a walking trip I “topped off” the half-gone battery to make sure it lasted the next day…and now it doesn’t last long at all.
    Anyone else have batteries that didn’t last long? I love the style of the Nuband, but I don’t know if I should bother with a new one or try a different brand. 😦

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    • I’m sorry you have had trouble with your nuband. I haven’t used mine like I should but if you’re having problems I’d try contacting the company. Keep in mind every new product that comes to market need testing and consumer feed back to help improve upon it. Thanks for posting!


  5. Peter says:

    l have had the nuband on for 10 days and the battery is showing 2 bars lite out of 3. My nuband is working perfectly according the booklet. Really happy with my purchase from Jcpenny’s Orlando so far.


  6. Jennifer says:

    I got my nuband 3 days ago and charged it and it’s working fine! Except for one thing…. It’s not syncing with my phone 😦 and I’ve no idea how to get it to work!
    I press the button on my phone to sync… It says bluetooth is connecting… Then it says it’s syching and then… Bluetooth is disconnected 😦 and nothing happens …


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